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Interview Load (1996)

Interview Load (1996)

1, Was Load a difficult Album to put together? (1:38)
2, Why has it taken so long to come up with LOAD? (2:06)
3, 5 year gap between albums did you lose any songs you had written? (0:48)
4, When did you start record LOAD? (1:03)
5, Why did you chose to work with Bob Rock again? (2:39)
6, How did the album start to take shape while you were recording? (0:54)
7, Did the band feel they should stick to the same formula (1:42)
8, Do you face blank periods when you're writing songs for your album? (0:42)
9, it has a very live feel to it, was this a conscious? (0:46)
10, Did LOAD take a long time to write? (3:23)
11, What can you tell us abou the song
12, Can you tell us about the track
13, Can you tell us about the song
14, How did you feel when the album was finished? (1:17)
15, Why did the band choose
16, How do you feel about the forthcoming tour? (0:26)
17, How do the band cope with being on the road these days? (1:48)
18, Do you ever hanker for the days when life was simpler? (2:22)
19, Have attitudes towards each other changed? (1:12)


Album : Load (1996)

  • Reference : MET INT1
  • Pays : Australie
  • Label : Vertigo
  • Format : CD

CD promo avec 19 questions.

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