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One Live (1994)

One Live (1994)

  • One
  • One (Demo)
  • One (Live)
  • One (Edit)
  • Whiplash (Live)
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls
  • Last Caress (Live)

One Live (1994)

Date de sortie : 11 avril 1994

One & One (edit)
Producteur : Metallica with Flemming Rasmussen
Mixage : Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero
Enregistrement & mixage : One on One studios, Los Angeles, CA de janvier à mai 1988

One (Demo)
"This is the original demo of 'One' that we recorded on James' 4-track right after we wrote the song around the second week of November '87. It's basically just guitars, drums, and vocals with Kirk coming in and laying down the last solo after he'd only heard the song the day before, and since there were only four tracks, there's no bass."

One (live) & Whiplash (live)
Enregistrement live : 13, 14 janvier 1992, Sports Arena, San Diego, USA
Producteurs : Hetfield & Ulrich
Mixage : Randy Staub

For Whome The Bell Tolls (live) & Last Caress (live)
Enregistrement live : 29, 30 août 1989, Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, USA
Producteurs : Hetfield & Ulrich
Mixage : James "Jimbo" Barton

Artwork & Design : Andie Airfix at Satori
Photos : Ross Halfin


James Hetfield : Chant / Guitare rythmique
Lars Ulrich : Batterie
Kirk Hammett : Lead guitare
Jason Newsted : Basse

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